How to Raise Your Vibration

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This is a follow-up to my last writing that attempted to answer what it means to raise your vibration. It’s essential to have a baseline definition of what it means to have a high or low vibration, and you can read about that in my previous post and video. Now that we know what it means to have a high or low vibration, we can take on the challenge of how to raise our vibration. In my last post, we discussed how having a low vibration doesn’t need to be a life sentence. This can be something that is raised with just a little bit of awareness.

The first step is generally knowing where you are in the vibrational spectrum and having a desire to raise your vibration. If you’re at a point where you recognize that you can actively raise your vibration and you have a genuine desire to do so, then congratulations, you’re already at a higher vibration than the masses and you’re well on your way to improvement. In the last post, we talked about the general differences between people who are high vibration and people who are low vibration. The primary differences are how they think, how they emotionally respond to challenges, their actions and behaviors, and how others experience them. There is no shortage of techniques to raise ones’ vibration, so this won’t be a list of all of the ways, but it will undoubtedly get you moving in the right direction.

One of the most well-known tools of raising ones’ vibration is meditation. Through meditation, you can detach from the mental chatter and connect deeper to how you’re feeling. You can also become more aware of the consistent thoughts within your mind. Meditation can also help you become familiar with your mind-body connection. As I mentioned earlier, higher vibration people think differently and respond to emotionally charged events differently than those who are low vibration, so meditation can help establish a different thought process and another way of responding to emotionally charged events. Breathwork is its own tool, yet also a branch of the meditation tree. Breathwork changes your breathing patterns to create different nervous system states within the body. This helps you become more resilient to stressful situations and connect to the more relaxed parasympathetic nervous system state within the body. It also connects you to deeper parts of the brain, slowing down and stopping mental chatter, allowing you to be in a more meditative state. The decisions one makes after doing breathwork are often more grounded than making a decision from a reactive state.

Another tool is cold immersion, either through an ice bath or cold showers. This one seems a little unorthodox, but the jolt of stress, mixed with the release of endorphins and the practice of staying calm while feeling the stress, create new neural pathways that help you respond to stressful situations differently. Another tool or exercise that can be utilized is doing small good deeds for others. This will get you out of your own head and help you think about others. This will get you out of the thought process of what most people are in; survival, which is focused on self. Making a habit of looking for small ways to help others is a sure way to raise your vibration. The final one I will mention is a fun exercise called “It’s Totally Possible.” This was created by my good friend Kyle Cease where you find a flow of talking about positive possibilities. You can do this alone in front of a mirror, while driving, or with a friend or group of friends. You state, “It’s totally possible…” and then state anything internally or externally that’s exciting to you: “It’s totally possible I’ll get that job,” “It’s totally possible I’ll make more money this year than I’ve ever made before,” “It’s totally possible to find new levels of gratitude for small everyday occurrences,” “It’s totally possible to find forgiveness for myself and others,” “It’s totally possible to raise my vibration,” and so on and so forth. If you want to see a live demonstration of the “It’s Totally Possible” Exercise, you can check it out here. Some honorable mentions are getting some exercise and changing the thought patterns, spending time outside, hanging out with inspiring people, and as you can see, the list goes on. Some of these are quick boosts for your mood, which we discussed in the last post, will temporarily raise your vibration, but all of these, when developed as habits, work in much the same way that working out over time will improve your health and change the physical appearance of your body, doing the exercises mentioned above will raise your vibration over a long period of time when turned into regular habits. 

With gratitude,

Joey Hauss

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