What Does it Mean to Raise Your Vibration?

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The Celestine Prophecy
 talks about how you were born into the life you were born into for a reason. Your family upbringing and the things that bring you joy are to serve a higher purpose for you. I feel I was born into a very grounded, no-nonsense family. None of my parents or siblings were spiritual in any way. I found callings to wrestle as a youth in High School and College. I also felt called to join the Marines shortly after College. I had a very grounded in reality upbringing. However, I also had natural inclinations towards the spiritual. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’ve always felt called to a spiritual path, and by some incredible synchronicities, I get to work in the spiritual field as an occupation.

I bring this up because most people choose extremes when it comes to spirituality in general. Either they think the whole thing is stupid and makes no sense, or they’re so deep in the spiritual realm that they have difficulty relating to casual spiritual enthusiasts. I feel I am ideally situated to explain some of the nuanced terms that people in the spiritual path often use. One example is that you often hear people saying that they’re “raising their vibration” or that another person has “a low vibration.” Some people get an intuitive sense of what it means but can’t really give a definition or an explanation, and if they do, it’s usually catered to people already deep in the spiritual world. I will attempt to take on this task, understanding that I understand what this means but never really took the time to explain, so here it goes.

Changing your vibration changes the things you prioritize as essential in all the senses. So this means transforming what you think about, the actions you take, how things affect you, the words you say, and the things you find essential. People who are often considered “low vibration” to spiritual people are very involved in what we often refer to as “The Matrix.” People who are low vibration may care deeply about sporting events, other peoples’ drama, entertainment such as TV Shows and movies, they probably work a job that they’re not passionate about, their hobbies and friendships are often superficial, and conversations with them aren’t typically exciting or inspiring. An important distinction is that being in a “low vibration” isn’t a terrible thing. Most people that are “high vibration” people, were often at one point low vibration people to some extent. Being low vibration isn’t a life sentence. One can always raise their vibration. It’s similar to dealing with addiction in that the first step to raising your vibration is recognizing you’re currently a low vibration or a lower than you’d like vibration. Also, a thing to note is that raising your vibration is similar to the trends of the stock market, in that it does go up and down day by day, in an upward trajectory (if you’re actively working on it.) When we’re in an excellent mood, our vibration is higher; others will notice it and feel it. When we’re in a lousy mood, our vibration is lower, and people will notice and feel that as well. Our emotions are our day-to-day vibration, but working on transforming and raising our vibration long-term requires changing how we look at ourselves, other people, and the world.

People considered “High Vibration” think, act, speak, and carry themselves entirely differently. There’s no way to fake vibration; it’s something you always embody. The only way to change it is to reprioritize what is important to you and make consistent changes with your thoughts, actions, words, and priorities. People who are high vibration often work in occupations that are important to them and are viewed as necessary to the world. They’re inspiring and interesting to talk to. They think about the actions they can take to make a positive impact on the world, and think of only themselves very seldomly. They take a genuine interest in helping others and making a positive difference. These people move in alignment with their purpose and priorities (I’ll post on this at some point.) There are actions that one can take to raise your vibration, and I’ll talk about that more in my next blog.

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With gratitude,

Joey Hauss

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