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Relearning How to Breathe

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I was first introduced to Jeremy Frisk during Evolving Out Loud with Kyle Cease's, End of Effort: Online Meditation Event. We were doing an exercise we call "It's Totally Possible," and when I heard Jeremy share his Totally Possibles, I knew he was a person doing inner work.

When Jeremy later reached out to see if I was interested in making a guest appearance on his Podcast, "Compounding Happiness," I was quick to accept the honor.

I love the idea of simply compounding happiness, adding new empowering habits to your already existing repertoire for maximum effectiveness. I also love Jeremy.

Sharing Breathwork and showing how it contributes to happiness is a great joy in my life. I'm excited for you to hear this amazing conversation. Let me know what comes up for you.

Compounding Happiness Episode 10: Relearning How To Breathe with Joey Hauss

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